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Impairs An Exemption | Nolo's Free Dictionary of Law Terms and ...
. to a $35000 homestead exemption, and the home is subject to a mortgage of . impairs the debtor's homestead exemption: Once the mortgage was paid off, .

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mortgage impairs exemption

Avoiding liens that impair bankruptcy exemptions
Since there is not enough equity in the home, after allowing for the consensual mortgage, to pay both the judgment lien and the exemption, the lien impairs the .

Removing a Judgment Lien with Bankruptcy in North Carolina
Jan 3, 2012 . If it is greater than the value, the judicial lien impairs the exemption and . on: (i) the availability of an exemption, (ii) other mortgages and liens .

Business Owner's Toolkit: Calculation of Lien Impairment
Calculation of the amount that a lien impairs an exemption becomes . the value of the home went up and the amount of the first mortgage went down, so that, .

This memorandum of decision sets forth my findings of fact and ...
the claim secured by an unavoidable mortgage, the judicial lien impairs the Debtor's homestead exemption and will be avoided.1. BACKGROUND. In October of .

What Does It Mean to Avoid a Lien?
It is presently worth $300000, subject to a first mortgage of $180000. Suppose . The judgment lien impairs that exemption (makes it less worthwhile). Therefore .

Get Rid of a 2nd Mortgage, and Keep Your House! | Waltzer Law ...
AND, depending on your state, your second mortgage might have to impair an exemption before it can be removed. Through most of my website I take great care .

Bankruptcy to Clear a Lien |
A debtor may also remove a second mortgage on his primary residence if the . Clearing a judicial lien that impairs an exemption is applicable in Chapter 7 and .

Avoidance of Liens in Bankruptcy
Avoiding liens that impair exemptions explores the operation of the relevant . the interest in real property of a holder of an unrecorded mortgage or deed of trust .